At ACA clients can obtain comprehensive legal services, helping them in assuring better guide of their businesses through their development and growth.

Drafting and Reviewing of the Agreements

For a successful enterprise it is essential to have continuously all legal documents tailored to its business needs and in proper order.

ACA has specialists which can provide Legal services regarding the drafting of all types of agreements and their amendments-annexes, reviewing of agreements and annexes and ensure that all agreements are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in Kosovo.

All agreements and other necessary documents can be drafted in official languages used in Kosovo and in English language as well.

Registrations of the Companies in Different Registers

ACA can help in preparing and drafting all documents necessary for company formation and administration, and can perform and handle the registration process of clients/companies in different registries such as: the Kosovo Business

Registration Agency (including registry of trade names) Tax Administration and NGO’s at the Ministry of Public Administration.
ACA drafts all company’s internal legal documents including: statute, by-laws, articles of association, board decisions, authorizations, resolutions etc

All ACA clients can continuously be supported in preparing and drafting amendments, hence all necessary documents for any amendments in the respective registries.